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Rosie Postcards

You can support the Rosie Hackett Bridge campaign by picking up some of the specially designed free postcards, filling them in with a personal message and sending them to your local Dublin City councillors. Ask them to give Rosie Hackett their number 2 vote if they are backing another nominee. They are due to meet on Monday, September 2 and it is at that meeting that the decision is due to be taken.

The postcards are available from Liberty Hall, The National Women’s Council of Ireland (4th floor, 2/3 Parnell Square east) or Labour Party Head Office (17 Ely Place, Dublin 2). We’re currently looking to expand the number of pick-up points and hope to extend the lost over the coming days.

The cards can be posted to the individual councillors c/o The Members’ Room, City hall, Dublin 2.

You can view the full list of councillors (by area) by clicking here.

The list also contains email addresses for Dublin City councillors and if you can’t get the postcards, please email them with a message expressing your support for Rosie Hackett in the forthcoming bridge naming vote. Please contact as many councillors or all of the 52 councillors as possible and, in particular, all of those in your area, not just the ones you think might be inclined to be sympathetic (their lower preferences might well decide the matter).

The day of the vote is approaching fast so act today and help to ensure that Rosie Hackett becomes the first woman to have a bridge over the Liffey named after he

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